Package Handling
DCS’s design and engineering team has more than 40 years of experience creating unique parcel handling systems for diverse customer applications. With installations including semi-automated handling in small city distribution centers and fully automated, integrated hubs with advanced conveyor and sorter equipment, DCS routinely thinks outside the box.
E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Fulfillment
DCS designs and implements end-to-end warehouse automation solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel retailers that address numerous workflow challenges. This includes solutions for receiving, putaway, storage, replenishment, order fulfillment, picking, packing, sortation, and outbound shipping. Our custom integrated warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment systems draw from a deep pool of conventional, semi-automated, and automated material handling technologies.
Various Distribution Applications
Whether an operation is considering the construction of a new distribution or fulfillment center, or a retrofit or expansion of an existing facility, it’s important to create a solution that fits the overarching supply chain strategy. DCS has four decades of experience designing and integrating comprehensive, end-to-end material handling solutions that meet a multitude of operational goals. Whether conventional, semi-automated, or fully automated, DCS can help your organization implement a custom solution that meets its goals while maximizing return on investment (ROI).
Supply Chain Consulting
The DCS Supply Chain Consulting team offers a range of services to help your operations address the challenges it faces. Working in partnership with you, DCS consultants analyze your business data- existing workforce, workflow processes, inventory, order data, operations, and more- to determine a strategy that addresses your unique needs. Whether you need an operations assessment, process improvement recommendations, or distribution design services, DCS consultants will help guide you to the material handling system or operational solution that best meets your current and future needs, as well as your budget.
Customer Support
Keeping your warehouse operations and material handling systems running smoothly and at the peak of productivity are the goals of DCS’ Customer Service Team. By partnering with DCS, your warehouse automation solution is supported from commissioning to end of life. You’ll receive comprehensive in-house training of your personnel, including specialized training of your designated internal system expert. Plus, DCS offers a complete package of spare parts and expert system troubleshooting support from qualified engineers dedicated to your installation.
System Design & Integration
DCS offers a broad range of material handling equipment and automated system design, installation, and integration services for a multitude of projects. These include retrofits, expansions, upgrades, and more. While every project is unique, our system design and execution processes are the same, encompassing meticulous attention to detail, frequent communication, and a dedicated partnership with our clients.
About Us
Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) has 40 years of experience serving major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations, and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their needs. DCS does not sell ready-made conveyor systems but builds relationships that empower collaboration to craft custom warehouse designs together. DCS utilizes consulting, engineering design, project management, installation services, and client support to ensure our customers can keep their promises to deliver on time.
With more than 40 years of experience providing automated system design, installation, and integration services, DCS has created solutions for companies throughout the United States in a broad range of industries and markets. We’ve completed more than 1500 projects ranging from greenfield facilities with completely new systems to expansions and retrofits of existing operations.


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Our Industry Memberships
001 E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Fulfillment

DCS delivers unique, customized material handling solutions and fulfillment automation for e-commerce and multi-channel operations that leverage the latest technologies and equipment.

002 Parcel Handling

With the rise of e-commerce and the corresponding increase in direct-to-consumer shipments to fill orders of one or two items at a time, having the optimal parcel handling system design for an operation is critical to meeting customers’ expectations.

003 Distribution Operations

DCS offers strategic solutions for various distribution applications, such as last mile/middle mile delivery, goods-to-person order fulfillment, reverse logistics, dark distribution centers, and micro-fulfillment centers.

004 Supply Chain Consulting

When your operation outgrows its current warehouse, DCS will work with you to evaluate and assess potential solutions to meet your storage, handling, distribution, and fulfillment needs.

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To make sure our partners receive the right solution, we’re equipment agnostic and believe teamwork is vital throughout the partnership. The important driving force for us is working alongside our customers as an active partner and providing them with the most up-to-date conveyor system and material handling equipment.

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DCS has spent 40 years serving e-commerce and multi-channel fulfillment, parcel handling, and various distribution applications by utilizing engineering, consulting, project management, installation services, and customer support- we know we only succeed if our customers succeed.

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Nathan Swift Supplier Development Specialist

My favorite thing about DCS is the people. DCS Leadership cares to know what you want most and guide you to that. They look after the individual knowing that in the long-term it will be what’s best for the company.

Meg Smith Vice President of Engineering

I truly enjoy working with and being around my fellow team members! We trust good intent and challenge each other to be our best, while understanding that we work to live our best lives outside of the office with our family and friends.

Peter Ell Systems Engineering Manager

I chose DCS for the culture and the chance to be a part of building a legacy at DCS. What I like most is the flexibility with which I am empowered to do my job.

Ruth Ann Rooker Culture and Engagement Manager

I chose DCS because of the care shown by the leaders. From the very first interview to my last, it was obvious that people are the priority at the company. I most enjoy the emphasis that our leadership places on serving the community. You expect a company to focus on quality work, but it is not always a guarantee that a culture of volunteerism is encouraged.

Scott Singer Systems Sales Consultant

Everyone I have worked with at DCS has been exceptional at their jobs. There is no need to worry about something not getting completed or work not being top notch. The groups have a high level of trust between each other because of this.

Vadar Galnasky Mechanical Engineer

I like the freedom I get to be creative. The continuous learning ensures that I’m constantly improving my knowledge, which is important to me and my career.