We're Better Together

We don’t sell ready-made solutions, we build relationships that empower us to craft solutions, together. It’s the teamwork approach, sharing ideas and building on them, that produces the most worthwhile solution.

DCS was founded in 1982, and has grown to serve major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling solutions that are custom crafted for their need. We've built a reputation for delivering challenging projects on-time, and offer turnkey solutions for the clients we serve.

Our Process

Connect. Work. Grow.

For Our Clients


We ask the right questions, take time to listen, & do the things that others won’t. It’s important that we build trust from day one.


We engage often and employ teamwork always. You leverage your business expertise and we leverage our creativity.


You receive a solution that will grow your business and a partnership you can count on for future possibilities.


Through our outreach team, ConveyHope, we have built partnerships with local organizations to make a difference in our community. We believe dedicating our time, skills, and resources to those who can give nothing back is a privilege.

For Our Team


We strive to understand your goals, your strengths, and what you love to do.


We provide opportunities both at work and outside the office for personal and professional growth. We offer constructive feedback and ask for honest responses through quarterly check-ins.


We provide opportunities for promotion, encourage weekly accountability and host an environment that challenges you to be your best.

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