Selecting a picking solution for a Retailer, E-commerce, Food Service, or any other company is a critical part of distribution center design and ultimately the success of the distribution center. There are a number of approaches to consider of varying initial investment costs and obtaining the desired long-term operating costs, efficiency, accuracy, and customer responsiveness critical to your success.

In addition to technology, there is a methodology to consider. Order pick, batch pick, wave picking, and exactly how to execute these approaches are also important in the design of your distribution center. In all cases, the selection of the correct approach will require a thorough analysis of your current operation. All system designers will be asking for data to review and summarize. At a high level, this data will include:

  • SKU Profile or SKU Master Data
  • Inbound Receiving
  • Order History
  • Inventory Snapshots
  • Plus any special needs such as:
    • Special Handling Needs for Fragile Items
    • Security
    • Temperature Control or Environmental Needs
  • Future Growth Plans
  • Possible Operational Changes Needed for Changing Business Environment

At Designed Conveyor Systems we believe in doing this work while in close and continual contact with our client. We have meetings frequently, both in-person and over the phone, to ensure our understanding of the data, their operation, and goals so that the client is fully aware of the solutions that are being considered and developed for their consideration.

We call this our Rapid Collaboration Process. We believe that by being responsive and working in a collaborative environment we develop better solutions that more closely match our client’s needs. Speed is important in this day and age, and our experienced team is prepared to move quickly in developing concepts and solutions for your specific project.