Culture is such a critical piece to any business. The word itself carries such a broad definition that it can be hard to define it in terms of work culture, what exactly that means, and how to implement it. Below I will go over what exactly culture means to me and how I found it at Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS).


A workplace’s environment depends mostly on the people that inhabit it. At DCS, our incredible group of people makes coming to work easy and satisfying.  Within the entire company, there is a genuine feeling of inclusion. From day one I have felt as if I have been a part of the company for years wholly due to the friendliness and approachability of my coworkers.

Within my personal sphere of work at DCS, that inclusion lends itself to a fantastic team environment. We are constantly putting our brains together to help with designs and to overcome roadblocks. Our team works seamlessly together because of the trust we place in one another. We trust that each one of us will be able to deliver what is asked and if not, we will reach out for help.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance can be a struggle for many people. How do we put in enough effort in at work, complete our work properly, and still leave an adequate amount of time for our personal lives? This balance can be strongly dependent on the environment of a company and the people you work with. At DCS I have found that while those in charge are strongly dedicated to completing work and getting it done right, they genuinely care about your time off and life outside of work. It is never difficult to ask off for an appointment or to leave a little early when family is in town. These little gestures can make all the difference in achieving that work/life balance.

Social Responsibility

The philanthropic approach DCS takes is something that really drew me in during the interview process. It proved to not be used as an interview tactic but a true value for the company. There have been many outreach events within the short amount of time I have been here, and the committee is strongly dedicated to continuing these outreach goals. To me, giving back is critical and one of my biggest values. Alignment in values is why the culture at DCS is such a great fit for me and many others.


When I say growth, I don’t mean strictly promotional growth. While getting a promotion always feels great, I am also seeking developmental growth as a person. At DCS I have felt challenged in the projects that I have been assigned and have naturally begun developing tools to help grow the business and our team. That career development can then lead to career growth. DCS encourages and promotes development in all aspects, not just those specifically confined to a role.

So why does all the above matter? Everybody is looking to live a happy, fulfilled life. Work is a massive piece of our lives, meaning a lot of the fulfillment will stem from our career. When you work in a company that holds goals and values that align with your own and exude those through the culture, that fulfillment becomes much more attainable. Fulfillment through culture leads to more drive and motivation which in turn leads to better results, benefiting everybody involved.