How to Stay Cool During Peak
by our HR Queens: Vicki Hendricks & Sheena Sheth

Peak season is upon us, and the stress that comes along with it may be weighing you down. It’s important to remember that while you’re taking care of your project and your customer, you need to take care of you, too! The DCS HR team understands that our team members’ emotional, social, and physical health are all related, and they are committed to protecting all of the parts of the whole person, not just the person you are at work.


Vicki Hendricks is the HR Manager for the Diakonia Group and its subsidiaries, overseeing the day to day and high-level people operations that make DCS a great place to work. With a Professional in Human Resources certification and 14 years of HR in various industries, she understands the unique and dynamic intricacies of humans at work, and strives to make their work lives meaningful and enjoyable. Outside of work, she is the proud mom of three daughters, and enjoys cooking, iced coffee, and audiobooks.


Sheena Sheth has been working in the HR field for a little over 5 years. Currently, she is the HR Business Partner for DCS. She works to preserve the company culture and make sure the people of DCS are heard. Outside of work, she loves to travel the world with her husband, cook for her family and friends and enjoys planning events.