Automating your warehouse can not only help you complete your tasks quicker, but they can also be more reliable. Human error is an unavoidable aspect of work. This is especially true when it comes to repetitive tasks. People lose interest, which leads to a reduction in attention being paid to their particular task. This is where mistakes happen. And one mistake can set off a chain reaction that might take a little while to get back on track.

Any lost time is going to diminish the overall productivity of your operation. So how do you maximize output while minimizing mistakes in Warehouse Automation? Sortation Solutions is the answer!

Sortation can have a great impact on the efficiency of your fulfillment automation. Parcels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and need to be arranged accordingly. Conveyor systems and other mechanical processes can help streamline your fulfillment automation and keep things moving.

But even though it’s important, many people don’t understand parcel sortation. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Sortation?

Do you have numerous packages passing through your facility? Order fulfillment and processing centers can have thousands of parcels pass through their systems every day. These parcels will need to be arranged according to destination, as well as size and weight, in order to properly and efficiently get where they need to go.

This can be done by hand. It would involve multiple employees working along conveyor systems to scan, separate, and prepare multiple parcels for future deliveries. These tasks are highly repetitive, fast paced, and time consuming.

Parcel sortation technology literally takes these tasks off of your employees hands. It is performed with the help of various kinds of mechanisms that can sense and sort the parcels by their height and weight. They can also read any applicable labels or even apply new ones.

All of these operations are incredibly important to ensuring the packages get to their final destination, but arranging deliveries is the task that provides the most direct benefit to that end. Parcel sortation arranges the packages into the correct delivery areas to get them on their way to their final destination.

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How Is Sortation Done?

Speed and precision are main attributes of an effective parcel sortation system. A proper arrangement of conveyor systems will act as the road map of your parcel sortation system. These are the tracks that get your packages to the appropriate space and through the machines that will further sort your parcels.

There are many additional mechanisms that will sort your parcels by whichever metric you need:

  • Pneumatic Diverts
  • Cross Belt Sorters
  • Tilt-tray Sorters
  • Shoe Sorters
  • Activated Roller Belt Sorters
  • Push-tray Sorters
  • Bombay Sorters
  • Narrow Belt Sorters

These machines will sort your materials by size, location, or weight and streamline your processes.

What Are the Benefits of Sortation?

There are numerous positive aspects to implementing parcel sortation solutions. The first benefit is that they are scalable to operations of any size. These solutions can be customized to fit your exact needs to keep you running smoothly.

Parcel sortation can save your operation a lot of time and money. These systems operate very quickly which can increase the amount of packages you are able to process in a single day. And not only is the output much higher, but you are saving a lot of money on labor costs. A higher output at a lower cost makes your operations much more efficient.

Saving labor on the sorting line frees your employees up to help in other areas. Sorting packages by hand is extremely time consuming and far from the only task in the warehouse. Maximize the return of your employees by focusing their efforts on more direct tasks.

Accurate pricing and sorting depends on accurate scanning. Sortation technology is able to perform thousands of these scans every day and send them to the correct location. This also helps with maintaining accurate tracking of the items that pass through your order fulfillment and processing center.

Expertly Designed Sortation:

As we said earlier, proper parcel sortation relies heavily on appropriately-designed conveyor systems. These conveyors are tasked with transporting the stock of parcels through the necessary sorting mechanism. They can further move the sorted parcels to their appropriate shipping area to be sent out together to a similar area.

These systems are essential to a properly-functioning order fulfillment and processing center. And conveyor systems are what makes the whole operation function correctly. Designed Conveyor Systems has everything you need for a personalized parcel sortation system that fits your operation perfectly.

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