Making Fulfillment Automation & E-commerce Warehouse A Success

E-commerce fulfillment is the final step in your sales process. Each step in this process is important — everything from offering the best products, to displaying them on a slick website, to sparking the interest of a large number of customers. But your business won’t enjoy continued success if you aren’t able to get your products into your customers’ hands.

This is where e-commerce fulfillment solutions come into play. And they are an incredibly important aspect of your online business.

E-commerce fulfillment involves everything that happens between your customer placing an order and receiving it. This includes e-commerce warehouse storage compiling and packaging specific orders, hi-tech picking and packing, organizing shipments, modern conveyor systems, and even stocking the warehouse shelves with streamlined warehouse automation.

These are time-consuming, detailed, and very important processes. And it’s only going to become a larger task as your business grows. This is why many businesses choose to outsource these operations or seek a consultant for advice as they continue to expand.

But what are the various aspects of e-commerce warehouse and fulfillment? And what separates a successful warehouse from the rest?



View of a forklift at an e-commerce warehouse for fulfillment automation

E-Commerce Warehouse solutions for Fulfillment Automation

What Warehouse Automation Needs to Make E-commerce & Fulfillment Automation Successful



How are your materials organized? Can you easily locate specific items once they are ordered? The manner in which your materials are stored will have a large effect on the speed and efficiency within your e-commerce warehouse automation. There are a variety of different warehouse designs that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

It can be easy to avoid thinking about storage considerations. Once something is there, it’s there. However, an intuitive and well-designed system makes use of appropriate racks and containers that make it much easier to fulfill an order. This extra step can get the e-commerce fulfillment process off to a head start.



There are many different ways to gather necessary items for an order. The newest trend is to make use of warehouse automation to streamline the process. These storage and retrieval systems increase the speed at which orders can be gathered. Warehouse automation created for picking can also help to reduce the associated cost with the processes of finding and compiling the items.

But this process won’t reach its full capabilities for speed if the warehouse automation isn’t properly organized. Each of these steps work in conjunction with each other. Taking the time to ensure proper fulfillment automation of each section will give you the healthiest e-commerce fulfillment process possible.



And now that you have the items to be shipped, you need to prepare them for their journey to their ultimate destination. Packing items together in a safe and sensible way ensures your products will reach their final destination intact and secure.

Options for equipment and material handling solutions:

  • Autobaggers
  • Case Erectors/Sealers
  • Print and Apply
  • In-line Scales

This equipment will help your employees to safely and securely package your orders in a quick and cost-effective way. Material handling equipment can be adapted to fit a wide variety of industries.



Conveyor systems are a huge part of large-scale sortation processes. Material handling will help these items get to their proper shipment vehicles. Combining items that are going to a similar location is a great way to reduce the overall cost of shipments for the company. And sorting your orders into proper locations is the best way to do this.

These systems can be streamlined with a variety of equipment choices such as cross-belts, pop-up diverts, tilt trays, activated roller belts, and much more. These options literally take the burden of sortation off your hands and make the process quicker and easier for everyone involved.


Modern Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems can be an incredibly beneficial asset to your e-commerce fulfillment processes. A properly designed warehouse and conveyor system not only reduces the necessary amount of effort from the employees, it also reduces the amount of risk.

The ability to simply slide a parcel along a conveyor system to its proper location speeds along the processes. There are less accidents, more time saved, and increased profitability for the business. Designed Conveyor Systems has helped numerous companies to enjoy the many benefits of utilizing conveyor systems.


Streamlining Your Warehouse Automation Operations

Your business needs to work quickly. It also needs to be precise in its processes. Properly arranged automated material handling protocol from storage to shipping will provide the necessary infrastructure to suppose long-term sustainability and eventual growth.

Your customers appreciate a quick delivery. Maintaining focus on streamlining your e-commerce warehouse and fulfillment automation solutions won’t go unnoticed. DCS Innovations can help with everything from proper layout of your warehouse automation to organizing your conveyor systems.


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