A timer starts in the minds of your customers the moment they place an order. Nobody likes to wait for a delivery — especially if it’s longer than the projected delivery time.

Your processes need to be streamlined to perform these deliveries and shipments as quickly as possible. Not only does this make the customer happy, it can also save you money. Streamlined order fulfillment and shipping processes mean everything is working smoothly. And when things work smoothly, no time is lost.

Parcel conveyor systems are one of the most efficient ways to organize large amounts of packages. This is the first step in the shipping process. And when done correctly, sortation sets the rest of the following steps down the right path.

What goes into these conveyor systems? And how does each section help your shipments arrive on time?

Setting Up Parcel Solutions

Proper design and implementation of the various aspects of parcel sortation solutions is essential to streamlined operations. These processes are highly repetitive and need to be accurate. A small problem in the system can create a large amount of inaccuracies.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when planning out your sortation solutions. How large are the items that need to be sorted? How many different groupings will they need to be separated into? And how many items will need to be sorted in a single day?

The answers to these questions will point you in the best direction when setting up your system.

While it’s possible to set up your own parcel solutions, it’s recommended to work with a professional. DCS has been helping businesses streamline their sortation systems since 1982. We have the experience, knowledge, and access to equipment that will get your sortation processes running smoothly.

The Role of Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems play a huge role in sortation. Think about trying to maneuver a thousand packages from one area to the next. Then imagine separating these packages into various piles and moving them to an area for shipping.

This takes a lot of manpower. At their core, these are basic movements. People have the capability to perform a wide range of tasks. Something this simple would be a waste of time for a person.

And when it comes to running a business, any wasted time for your employees translates to lost money.

Conveyor systems perform these repetitive tasks and make it much easier to separate certain items into specific areas. These machines are not complex in design, which makes them very easy to use and advantageous to have around.

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Moving packages means you have to be gentle. The items inside the packages need to get to their destination intact. You can’t simply slide them off the side of the conveyor into a large bin.

Chutes work alongside conveyor systems to safely and gently deliver packages either to another conveyor system, or a shipping bin.

There are a variety of sizes and styles of chutes:

  • Spiral Chutes
  • Straight Chutes
  • UHMW Chutes
  • Transition Chutes

The type of chute you use will depend on the size and amount of items you process, as well as the layout of your facility. Work with a professional like DCS to get the best system for your needs.

Sortation Equipment

Packages can’t move from the conveyor systems, to chutes, to the shipping vessel without some extra help. There is a variety of sortation equipment that help classify each passing package and direct it toward its final destination.

Working with DCS means you’ll have access to top-tier manufacturers of the various items that will streamline your pre-shipping processes:

  • Pneumatic Diverts
  • Cross Belt Sorters
  • Tilt-tray Sorters
  • Shoe Sorters
  • Activated Roller Belt Sorters
  • Push-tray Sorters
  • Bombay Sorters
  • Narrow Belt Sorters

This equipment is reliable and scalable so you can get exactly what you need for your particular location.

Benefits of Using Parcel Conveyors

Conveyor systems do the work of a room full of people. Savings on labor cost is the most apparent benefit of using parcel conveyors.

However, using machines in place of people will also help increase accuracy. People make mistakes. Repetitive projects mean that any small mistake gets magnified over time. Top of the line equipment provides a higher rate of accuracy and reliability.

This also leads to a safer work environment for your employees. A fewer amount of mistakes means a smaller likelihood of workplace injuries.

Your parcels will arrive at their destination in a much better condition when they are gently moved along conveyor systems. These processes are fluid and smooth. A happy customer is essential to a profitable business, and this is a great way to work toward that end goal.

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