Package Handling
DCS’s design and engineering team has more than 40 years of experience creating unique parcel handling systems for diverse customer applications. With installations including semi-automated handling in small city distribution centers and fully automated, integrated hubs with advanced conveyor and sorter equipment, DCS routinely thinks outside the box.
E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Fulfillment
DCS designs and implements end-to-end warehouse automation solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel retailers that address numerous workflow challenges. This includes solutions for receiving, putaway, storage, replenishment, order fulfillment, picking, packing, sortation, and outbound shipping. Our custom integrated warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment systems draw from a deep pool of conventional, semi-automated, and automated material handling technologies.
Various Distribution Applications
Whether an operation is considering the construction of a new distribution or fulfillment center, or a retrofit or expansion of an existing facility, it’s important to create a solution that fits the overarching supply chain strategy. DCS has four decades of experience designing and integrating comprehensive, end-to-end material handling solutions that meet a multitude of operational goals. Whether conventional, semi-automated, or fully automated, DCS can help your organization implement a custom solution that meets its goals while maximizing return on investment (ROI).
Supply Chain Consulting
The DCS Supply Chain Consulting team offers a range of services to help your operations address the challenges it faces. Working in partnership with you, DCS consultants analyze your business data- existing workforce, workflow processes, inventory, order data, operations, and more- to determine a strategy that addresses your unique needs. Whether you need an operations assessment, process improvement recommendations, or distribution design services, DCS consultants will help guide you to the material handling system or operational solution that best meets your current and future needs, as well as your budget.
Customer Support
Keeping your warehouse operations and material handling systems running smoothly and at the peak of productivity are the goals of DCS’ Customer Service Team. By partnering with DCS, your warehouse automation solution is supported from commissioning to end of life. You’ll receive comprehensive in-house training of your personnel, including specialized training of your designated internal system expert. Plus, DCS offers a complete package of spare parts and expert system troubleshooting support from qualified engineers dedicated to your installation.
System Design & Integration
DCS offers a broad range of material handling equipment and automated system design, installation, and integration services for a multitude of projects. These include retrofits, expansions, upgrades, and more. While every project is unique, our system design and execution processes are the same, encompassing meticulous attention to detail, frequent communication, and a dedicated partnership with our clients.
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Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) has 40 years of experience serving major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations, and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their needs. DCS does not sell ready-made conveyor systems but builds relationships that empower collaboration to craft custom warehouse designs together. DCS utilizes consulting, engineering design, project management, installation services, and client support to ensure our customers can keep their promises to deliver on time.
With more than 40 years of experience providing automated system design, installation, and integration services, DCS has created solutions for companies throughout the United States in a broad range of industries and markets. We’ve completed more than 1500 projects ranging from greenfield facilities with completely new systems to expansions and retrofits of existing operations.

How Warehouse Automation Improves Your Material Handling Systems

Improve Your Material Handling with Warehouse Automation

Modern warehouses need to make use of the most recent technology in conveyor systems and sortation solutions to remain competitive. The material handling systems involved in warehouse automation, order fulfillment automation, are constantly evolving and your warehouse should too.

Introducing newly designed conveyor systems and hi-tech material handling systems to an existing warehouse can have incredible effects on productivity. . Picking the right solution is vital to ensure an improved operation.

Warehouse automation, conveyor systems, and material handling integrators have continually improved over the years.DCS and their warehouse automation consultants are here to show you how you can streamline your warehouse processes by improving your material handling systems.

Here’s how Warehouse Automation can improve the various aspects of material handling.

  1. Automated Conveyors and Sortation Solutions Reduce Risk
  2. Warehouse Automation Saves on Labor Cost
  3. Automation is Easy to Use
  4. Conveyors are More Efficient
  5. Automated Conveyors Make Less Mistakes
  6. Optimized Order Fulfillment
  7. Accurate Inventory Counts

1. Automated Conveyors and Sortation Solutions Reduce Risk

Warehouse automation involves a series of repetitive tasks performed by automated conveyor systems and sortation solutions that were once performed by workers. And while there are plenty of benefits for the company, this also provides benefits to the workers.

Material handling can be a dangerous industry when strict attention is not paid to every movement. And it’s an unfortunately common scenario where people grow comfortable over time, which leads to mistakes. These mistakes can create dangerous situations for the workers.

Automated processes remove this possibility and help prevent workplace injuries.

2. Warehouse Automation Saves on Labor Cost

Every piece of machinery involving automated conveyors and sortation systems can help businesses do the same amount of work and more with less labor. This is a great asset for the company because it provides great savings over time on labor costs.

The upfront cost of implementing warehouse automation is offset in the long-term with these savings. There are rules and restrictions for how long a person can work. Anything past a certain point means the cost of labor goes up anywhere from 50% to 100%.

Conveyors and Sortation solutions can be run almost constantly without any increase in the cost of labor.


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3. Automation is Easy to Use

The automated conveyors and sortation equipment used in a modern warehouse, for Material Handling Integration, is easy to use. A current employee will be able to be quickly trained on the actions needed to facilitate the work of warehouse automation. This again saves the company money because long training hours can be expensive with zero payout until the employee begins working non-training shifts.

The ease-of-use not only saves on training but also saves on mistakes the operators can make during a shift. Material Handling Systems that largely run themselves aren’t going to be as prone to human mistakes.

4. Conveyors are More Efficient

A powered conveyor system isn’t going to need to take a break. Sortation systems aren’t going to get hungry or tired, leading to slower workflows. Warehouse automation will perform the same task the same way until someone turns the machine off.

This creates an environment of near-constant work. Productivity shoots through the roof. Human workers tend to let their attention drift over time, but this isn’t an issue with material handling and automation. The task of picking and sorting is the only focus and will continue that way until it is done.

5. Automated Conveyors Make Less Mistakes

Warehouse automation and conveyor systems are incredibly accurate in their performance of duties. This is due to the constant improvements in Material Handling Integrators and technology. Earlier versions of material handling systems and conveyor machines were helpful, but there was always something that could be improved.

And we get to enjoy the results of these improvements to material handling and automation. Workers will drop packages and damage goods due to basic human error. This is an unavoidable aspect of working in a warehouse. Automated warehouse processes mostly avoid this costly outcome.

6. Optimized Order Fulfillment

Faster and more accurate conveyors and sortation systems mean the orders will be picked, sorted, and shipped at a much faster rate. The business will notice this in how streamlined the processes are and the speed at which they are performed. The customer will notice this in how quickly they receive their orders.

Happy customers are the basic lifeblood of any industry. Receiving a shipment earlier than expected is always a welcome surprise, which can lead to future orders and more revenue.

7. Accurate Inventory Counts

Warehouse automation has the ability to scan and sort the materials sold in the warehouse with great accuracy. This provides real-time inventory counts. It’s much easier to confidently take orders and eventually fulfill them when you know exactly how much of a certain item you actually have.

Accurate inventory counts help keep track of where your items are at any time of day. Things get shifted around. Physical logs maintained by employees inevitably lead to lost items, leading to delays in order fulfillment and disappointed customers.



There are major challenges in Warehouse Management and Design to make it cost effective and efficient. Warehouse Automation Consultants can help companies with the design, selection, and implementation of material handling systems within today’s modern warehouses. DCS Consultants are full-time Material Handling Consultants that cover the full range of mechanical conveyors and sorters, along with ecommerce fulfillment automation. Many companies and industries have put our designed conveyor systems to work to develop innovative and cost effective material handling solutions. For a serious design and layout for your automated warehouse, contact us today.

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