Package Handling
DCS’s design and engineering team has more than 40 years of experience creating unique parcel handling systems for diverse customer applications. With installations including semi-automated handling in small city distribution centers and fully automated, integrated hubs with advanced conveyor and sorter equipment, DCS routinely thinks outside the box.
E-Commerce and Multi-Channel Fulfillment
DCS designs and implements end-to-end warehouse automation solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel retailers that address numerous workflow challenges. This includes solutions for receiving, putaway, storage, replenishment, order fulfillment, picking, packing, sortation, and outbound shipping. Our custom integrated warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment systems draw from a deep pool of conventional, semi-automated, and automated material handling technologies.
Various Distribution Applications
Whether an operation is considering the construction of a new distribution or fulfillment center, or a retrofit or expansion of an existing facility, it’s important to create a solution that fits the overarching supply chain strategy. DCS has four decades of experience designing and integrating comprehensive, end-to-end material handling solutions that meet a multitude of operational goals. Whether conventional, semi-automated, or fully automated, DCS can help your organization implement a custom solution that meets its goals while maximizing return on investment (ROI).
Supply Chain Consulting
The DCS Supply Chain Consulting team offers a range of services to help your operations address the challenges it faces. Working in partnership with you, DCS consultants analyze your business data- existing workforce, workflow processes, inventory, order data, operations, and more- to determine a strategy that addresses your unique needs. Whether you need an operations assessment, process improvement recommendations, or distribution design services, DCS consultants will help guide you to the material handling system or operational solution that best meets your current and future needs, as well as your budget.
Customer Support
Keeping your warehouse operations and material handling systems running smoothly and at the peak of productivity are the goals of DCS’ Customer Service Team. By partnering with DCS, your warehouse automation solution is supported from commissioning to end of life. You’ll receive comprehensive in-house training of your personnel, including specialized training of your designated internal system expert. Plus, DCS offers a complete package of spare parts and expert system troubleshooting support from qualified engineers dedicated to your installation.
System Design & Integration
DCS offers a broad range of material handling equipment and automated system design, installation, and integration services for a multitude of projects. These include retrofits, expansions, upgrades, and more. While every project is unique, our system design and execution processes are the same, encompassing meticulous attention to detail, frequent communication, and a dedicated partnership with our clients.
About Us
Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) has 40 years of experience serving major clients in multiple industries by providing material handling, full-scale warehouse operations, and conveyor design solutions that are custom crafted for their needs. DCS does not sell ready-made conveyor systems but builds relationships that empower collaboration to craft custom warehouse designs together. DCS utilizes consulting, engineering design, project management, installation services, and client support to ensure our customers can keep their promises to deliver on time.
With more than 40 years of experience providing automated system design, installation, and integration services, DCS has created solutions for companies throughout the United States in a broad range of industries and markets. We’ve completed more than 1500 projects ranging from greenfield facilities with completely new systems to expansions and retrofits of existing operations.

When Is It Time to Update Your Conveyor Design?

The functionality of your conveyor systems will have a direct impact on the success of your operations. Streamlining the picking and sorting processes can provide a wide range of benefits.


Small mistakes or bumps in the road might not seem like too big of a deal. However, these little hiccups can add up to large problems when repeated multiple times every day.


Delays in picking and sorting translate to shipping delays, which leads to unhappy customers and vendors.


A conscientious conveyor design helps to streamline these processes. New technology affords companies capabilities that weren’t previously available. Taking the time to plan out a conveyor design specifically for your space and your needs ensures proper utilization of these capabilities.


However, your needs can change over time. So how do you know when it’s worth your time to reconfigure your conveyor design?


Here are six signs it’s time to update your conveyor design:


  1. Demand is Increasing
  2. Frequent Repairs
  3. An Influx of New Materials
  4. Inefficient Processes
  5. New Functionality Is Needed
  6. Numerous Errors

Demand is Increasing

Every system is going to have its limits. When your business continues to grow and demand increases, your infrastructure could reach its maximum capacity for efficiency.


This issue isn’t going to show itself as a general breakdown of your entire system. Instead, you’ll notice shipping times will begin to grow. Items could potentially be lost, and employees might become increasingly stressed or overworked as they attempt to keep up with their duties while demand overwhelms them.


Updating your conveyor design will account for the increase in demand. Your capacity for handling the increased workload will be increased with the help of expert designers and updated equipment.

Frequent Repairs

Conveyor systems see a lot of use. This use creates wear, which leads to occasional breakdowns if not kept up with routine preventative maintenance. An expert conveyor company’s assistance will help reduce the wear on your systems and provide guidance on maintaining your systems best.


A conveyor system that requires frequent repairs despite these best practices might simply be overworked. Additional safeguards can be put in place by an intentional and well-designed conveyor system to prevent this extra wear.


Re-visiting your conveyor design ensures that your equipment has the support it needs to continue operating smoothly and efficiently.


Visit DCS to learn more about updating your conveyor design today!

The Influx of New Materials

A growing business frequently includes new and exciting products and offers. These changes are almost impossible to predict, meaning an old conveyor system simply won’t fit new products.


Your conveyor system’s size and shape can be altered to fit any new materials that need to be sorted. Transporting these materials requires a system that will allow smooth passage and does so quickly and efficiently.


Your conveyor system needs to be able to handle the various objects and materials you need to process. An updated conveyor design makes sure any, and all challenges can be met.

Inefficient Processes

As we mentioned earlier, any bumps in the road can create larger problems later in the process. Even small issues will grow large over time, like a snowball rolling down a hill.


A streamlined operation will continuously look out for these issues and find ways to make processes more efficient. Wasted manpower, frequent mistakes, or costly repairs can bring down the profitability of your entire operation.


Consulting with a conveyor system design professional helps identify any issues you might not even notice, and any problem that can be fixed will benefit your company.

New Functionality Is Needed

Another aspect of expanding your services is that new processes will need to be instituted. While there are always going to be a variety of ways any singular task can be completed, there are also going to be some methods that are better than others.


An updated conveyor design system can efficiently address any new functionalities needed to complete these new processes. Fulfillment solutions, parcel handling, and material handling can be complicated processes that greatly benefit from a professional’s advice.

Numerous Errors

Anybody who has tried to cook too many items at once knows that becoming flustered will lead to mistakes. There will come a point where you are asking too much of your employees and your conveyor system.


The number of mistakes will increase as this demand continues to rise. Not only will this lead to lost items, damaged materials, and stressed employees, it will create a negative experience for your customers.


Updating your conveyor design addresses the increased need so you can get the right items to the right people with the need to redo erroneous processes.


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