Fulfillment Automation Solutions

Your eCommerce Warehouse Reputation Is Our Priority

You’ve made a promise to your customer and that promise carries with it a piece of your eCommerce Fulfillment reputation. DCS is committed to helping you reinforce and build your Fulfillment Automation reputation in the midst of industry and warehouse operation change with the proper material handling equipment. The growth in eCommerce Fulfillment and warehouse operations brings labor challenges, out-dated warehouse design, peak season variances, and stiff competition. Our eCommerce Fulfillment solutions and specialized eCommerce warehouse design will allow you to meet customer conveyor and material handling solutions and demands seamlessly. We provide custom material handling solutions to eCommerce warehouse fulfillment that increase accuracy and speed in warehouse automation and warehouse operations.

You need modern conveyor systems that improves e-commerce warehouse and fulfillment automation to decrease workload in warehouse operations. View more information on conveyor systems, material handling systems and more below.

Fulfillment Solution Features

The process of automated order fulfillment relies upon many types of material handling equipment and conveyor systems working together as part of a complete material handling system. Conveyor systems help improve material flow, reduce costs and increase productivity. We've helped hundreds of companies with their warehouse operations by offering:

  • Design Consulting
  • Warehouse Controls Systems
  • Warehouse Execution Systems
  • Returns
  • Shipping Systems
  • 24/7 Client Support

Storage Systems

Streamline your shipping and warehouse operations with the correct material handling solutions. Our personalized support and customized material handling solutions help you to provide an efficient warehouse design and operations and warehouse automation technology and warehouse automation solutions that are truly industry leading.

  • Standard Racking
  • Pick Modules
  • Pick Towers
  • Bin Shelving
  • Carton Flow
  • AS/RS

Picking Systems

Warehouse automation has a lot of moving parts. Understanding material handling equipment and implementing best practices for material handling systems will significantly improve the function of your warehouse operations. Warehouse Automation with automated storage and retrieval systems are the trend when trying to reduce cost and improve time. Warehouse automation for material handling systems automate processes for retrieving products from long- and short-term storage. Goods-to-Person Picking and Automated Order Fulfillment. Conveyor systems will also help to reduce the effort it takes to move heavy or bulky materials from one location to another. Shelving and storage racks help to keep materials and supplies organized and accessible in commercial and industrial warehouse design.

  • Pick-to-Light
  • Put-to-light
  • Goods-to-Person
  • Zone Routing
  • A-Frames
  • AGVs

Packing Systems

Material handling equipment consumes space in the warehouse. Every company needs reliable packaging equipment before they ship their products. Our material handling equipment and solutions build reliable, high-quality systems that every client can count on. There’s no shortage of choices among material handling systems and solutions, which allows us to serve multiple businesses from a variety of different industries. Some packing systems in ecommerce fulfillment include:

  • Autobaggers
  • Case Erectors/Sealers
  • Print and Apply
  • In-line Scales


Sortation and conveyor systems are an important part in warehouse automation and must be designed to meet the growing demand in ecommerce fulfillment, and frequent shipments while improving efficiency in your warehouse operations. Conveyor design and sortation is extremely important when separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes, palletizing operations, packing stations & other material handling equipment. These material handling systems and conveyor systems are versatile and can sort a wide range of product sizes and weights to multiple divert lanes.

  • Pop-Up Divert
  • Tilt Tray
  • Cross-Belt
  • Shoe Sorter
  • Push-Tray
  • Bombay
  • Narrow-Belt
  • Pivot Wheel
  • Activated Roller Belt

Protect Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Reputation

Whether it’s an existing conveyor system or material handling solution, our goal is to make your job easier and empower you to deliver to your customers. We combine our ecommerce fulfillment expertise and your specific warehouse operations needs to produce an unbeatable strategic solution that will protect your reputation for years to come. Our material handling equipment is used to store, move, and ship products efficiently throughout the warehouse. A wide variety of conveyor systems & material handling equipment is needed to create the perfect warehouse design. Designed Conveyor Systems can help with many types of custom conveyor systems: belt, roller, gravity, accumulation, flexible, plastic belt, & pallet handling conveyors. We help with sortation of inducting and separating products to specific destination with the purpose of arranging for a better means of distribution to increase productivity and warehouse operations. Conveyor systems are often employed when high quantities ecommerce fulfillment is needed in a warehouse design for warehouse automation.