Parcel Handling

Conveyor Systems that Think Outside the Box

Conveyor Systems and the definition of ‘parcel’ is changing and you need innovative concepts that wouldn’t have been considered in the past. Flexible conveyor systems designed for parcel distribution handle inconsistent shapes and sizes, increasing the speed and accuracy of a well designed warehouse. Our design team generates creative conveyor solutions that reduce your cost, increase capacity, and give you the ability to handle unique package sizes. These range from small city distribution centers to fully automated and integrated hubs with advanced conveyor systems. We've spent over 35 years building our parcel legacy, but we are not afraid to think outside the box.

DCS delivers an on-time, full turn-key conveyor systems that is both reliable and original.

Parcel Solution Features

Our parcel conveyor systems are engineered with the best material handling equipment and conveyor deign to accommodate the needs of ground-based and overnight deliveries. We have a state-of-the-art material handling systems to meet the needs of the growing parcel industry.

  • Design Consulting
  • Controls, Software/Hardware
  • Unload Conveyance
  • Bulk Flow Conveyor
  • Heavy Duty Belted Conveyor
    • Roller Conveyor
  • Load Conveyance
  • 24/7 Client Support


We offer a wide variety of chutes, buffers, and transition chutes. Our conveyor with buffering chutes creates an optimized queuing station after sortation for optimal space utilization and improved efficiency. A well conveyor design will have a generous radius to reduce tumbling of packages and provide a gentle slide. This allows flexibility in warehouse operations to adapt to the daily demands in a more balanced and controlled environment.

  • Spiral Chutes
  • Straight Chutes
  • UHMW Chutes
  • Transition Chutes

All chutes are designed to be ferrous or non-ferrous pending the application.


Parcel sortation depends on conveyor design to execute at a fast rate of speed and with precision. The material handling equipment will classify parcel by characteristics in small, regular, or irregular and sort by final-destination. It's best to partner with us for the leading manufacturers of shoe, tilt tray, and cross belt sorters, to offer the best material handling equipment based on the application and destination. The new warehouse automation and sortation technology provides higher performance technology that is reliable, scalable, and designed with optimal life-cycle and minimal maintenance.

  • Pneumatic Diverts
  • Cross Belt Sorters
  • Tilt-tray Sorters
  • Shoe Sorters
  • Activated Roller Belt Sorters
  • Push-tray Sorters
  • Bombay Sorters
  • Narrow Belt Sorters

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